IDP Spring 2021 Live Webinars

IDP Connect is hosting an array of FREE webinars and workshops in spring 2021. Please only register for sessions that you plan on attending. UPCOMING IELTS DATES Saturday, March 20, … Continue reading IDP Spring 2021 Live Webinars

MPTU Newsletter November 5, 2019

November 5, 2019

Passion. Is your child passionate about a subject you thought it would never be possible to study at university, let alone turn into a viable career path? Is your child looking for supplementary academic programmes (no matter the curriculum), Foundation Pathways, Advanced Placement Classes, or even Gap Year opportunities? Well, good news: My Path to Uni (MPTU) offers unique supplementary solutions, certificates and extra-curricular opportunities through its partners and team – read on for a comprehensive list of our offerings.