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What do these assessments evaluate?

The three assessments available under the category of Career Suite on the Lifology platform will help students gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their decision-making processes, how they deal with different situations, their behavioral patterns in different environments and their natural intelligence orientations. Our algorithm then uses the results of these three assessments to decode and suggest the most suitable careers to students.

When choosing future careers, it is important that students have a firm understanding of their innate personality traits and their behavioral patterns if they are to make an informed decision.

Under the Learning Suite category, students will have access to two assessments developed by Lifology that will help them identify their preferred learning styles.

Everyone has a different learning preference. Some learn best when they see something, others when they hear it, and another group learns best when they experiment and act. Knowing what type of learner you are will help improve your study skills, will help your teachers use the most effective methods when teaching you, and most importantly, will help you choose your future academic and career pathways.

Lifology also offers a GRIT assessment and a Competency assessment which help students measure their level of perseverance towards long-term goals as well as their progress along the 10 skills needed to succeed in the 21st century.

As of now, Lifology houses 7 different assessments under one roof, but new assessments are always being researched and developed!

What the world loves about us

The Lifology Tests were all about my personality, my behaviour towards learning, behaviour towards society and many other factors in my life. After going through the reports, I have come to know things about myself which I wouldn’t have known about myself. These (reports) helped me know about what I have become.
Zuber Malik
Student, GEMS Cambridge International School, Abu Dhabi UAE
The Lifology tests help you know about career choices and paths. I did the tests and I read the reports. I think what I saw was really appropriate to what my career choices look like. It really told me about myself what I hadn’t known before. Then I had the web session which really delved deeper and explained those results. I really enjoyed that session and I think that’s great in what Lifology is and it will be helpful to numerous students
Erin Isabel
Student, GEMS Cambridge International School, Dubai, UAE

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Package Type*GEMS Students Price (USD)Non-GEMS Students Price (USD)
Starter Assessment                    $30                    $50
1 hour individual coaching                    $30                    $50
Basic coaching package                    $100                    $140
Advanced package (12 months)                    $200                    $250
Premium package (24 months)                    $350                    $450
*Coaching packages are personalized based on the unique needs of the student 
Basic coaching package – full access to our platform, plus 2 individual coaching sessions
Advanced package – full access to our platform, plus 5 individual coaching sessions, over a 12 month period
Premium package –  full access to our platform, plus 12 individual coaching sessions, over a 24 month period
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