Global Freshman Academy provides an opportunity for lifelong learning with a low-cost alternative for students to increase their personal knowledge and earn college credit. Our open-scale learning platform allows all interested learners to take math and English courses to earn credits toward their freshman year prior to enrolling at the university of their choice. Learners can also take these courses on the audit track for their own personal knowledge.

Earned Admission

Supplement your High School academics by adding College Credit Classes from ASU!

Make progress towards a US College Undergraduate degree ONLINE before stepping foot on our ASU campus in the USA! With our exclusive GEMS student opportunities, such as Open Scale Courses, you can enroll in a series of first-year college courses, all available online and for college credit while you are in high school.

Earn academic credit as if you were enrolled at ASU, and begin your college career with a portion of your freshman year already completed. 

Earned Admission provides a pathway for students who may be academically inadmissible to Arizona State University or other colleges, giving them the tools needed to earn admission to ASU and receive a degree. Learners complete a series of credit-bearing courses offered by the university to determine their readiness and gain confidence in completing university-level courses prior to enrolling in a degree program at ASU.

About our Pathway Partners

Global Freshman Academy @ ASU is a cost-effective way for students to receive a high-quality education regardless of their academic past, from anywhere in the world.

This program was designed by EdPlus at ASU and it uses the edX platform, a nonprofit online learning destination. The Global Freshman Academy focuses on offering first year college-level courses to students, for academic credit.

The need for a global education program is a priority to EdPlus at ASU. With Global Freshman Academy, everyone regardless of their past academic performance has a chance to try on college without an application hurdle and the opportunity to pay for credits after course completion.

PwC’s Academy is the learning and education business of PwC. We are committed to supporting the sustainable growth of talent across the region. We operate across the Middle East and are part of a growing network of PwC Academies present in over 40 countries worldwide.

At PwC, we have been developing our own people for over 100 years and our ability to recruit, retain and grow talent has made us one of the largest and most successful professional services firms in the world. It is this deep experience of developing young professionals right through to successful business leaders that is built into all PwC’s Academy programmes.

What Our Students Say

As an Elite Admissions student in grade 12, I am beyond pleased with my acceptances into several Ivy League universities – with scholarships! Thank you to MyPathToUni and the GEMS UniConnect Team with ScorePlusm, as I could not have competed the full year of applications to the US and UK without your guidance! My school counselor is thrilled with this support, too, as your kind professionalism helped guide her through the support she needed to get accepted. Thank you, again and again, for my lifelong dream is to study at an Ivy League school!
- Janice, GEMS Senior
I won a full scholarship to Cambridge Summer Programs for Film and Acting this year, thanks to the guidance of my team and counselors who showed me this opportunity and guided me through the intense application process! My family will be able to send me to this 2019 summer program in the UK because if I didn’t earn a scholarship we couldn’t afford it! Thanks for this award and opportunity, as now I am set on a path for my Uni admissions as a senior applicant for the fall – and we have a lot of work to do but a comprehensive plan already!
- Anoushka, GEMS Modern Academy Dubai
Thanks to the Oliv Team I have earned a full-time paid internship with a UAE Engineering firm to explore my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering in Canada. I almost had to attend a Foundation Program but after my internship and tutoring support from MyPathToUni over the summer, too, I am at a undergrad uni that I love. My parents are beyond happy to have had this support – as I am now on track again after my A levels to gain real-world career experience to help me determine where I go next after my undergraduate and internship experiences. Terrifc!
- Ahmed, McGill University Freshman

How Can We Help?

Our world-classteam is ready to guide you and your family to your Best Fit Pathway for success.  If you have questions or comments – as a student, parent or career professional wanting a change – let us know!  Fill out the form, give us a call, visit or Dubai office, or reach us through social media at your convenience.
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