The world believes that greatness is achieved
when the Right Person is in the Right Career

Do you need help in finding the Right Career?

Lifology offers coaching and mentoring packages where we connect students with one of our international team of trained coaches, or Lifologists, that will help students align their interest and aptitude with the opportunities available to them. Our Lifologists provide coaching based on the Lifology’s model which emphasizes that profession is not only a means for earning but also a major part of life and incorporates self-exploration, understanding of the environment, aptitudes and opportunities.

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Career & Learning Suite

$30 / student
  • 3 Best-Fit Career Pathway Assessments
  • 2 Best-Fit Learning Pathway Assessments
  • Best Fit Career Finder Report

Career & Learning Suite + In-Person Coaching

$90 / student
  • 3 Best-Fit Career Pathway Assessments
  • 2 Best-Fit Learning Pathway Assessments
  • Best Fit Career Finder Report
  • 1 hour of In-Person Coaching

What the world loves about us

The Lifology Tests were all about my personality, my behaviour towards learning, behaviour towards society and many other factors in my life. After going through the reports, I have come to know things about myself which I wouldn’t have known about myself. These (reports) helped me know about what I have become.
Zuber Malik
Student, GEMS Cambridge International School, Abu Dhabi UAE
The Lifology system is a godsend tool for our entire GEMS ecosystem! Since its mapped onto all our 8 different curricula and for grades 7 to 12 and beyond, we are able to use this tool every year for every secondary student – to help our University & Career Advisors support students as they transition into university pathways. Not only we at GEMS are thrilled with this complementary tool and coaching model, our parents and included in positive ways with the career and university pathway guidance program for their children, and it makes our Advisor Team and GEMS school administration support team stronger – as we all build a village around each student to transition them to their Best Fit Pathway after they graduate from our high schools. We LOVE Lifology and are rolling it out to our schools on a global scale.
Dr Kierstan Connors
Head of College & Career Counselling Worldwide, GEMS Education
The Lifology tests help you know about career choices and paths. I did the tests and I read the reports. I think what I saw was really appropriate to what my career choices look like. It really told me about myself what I hadn’t known before. Then I had the web session which really delved deeper and explained those results. I really enjoyed that session and I think that’s great in what Lifology is and it will be helpful to numerous students
Erin Isabel
Student, GEMS Cambridge International School, Dubai, UAE

How Can We Help?

Our world-class team is ready to guide you and your family to your Best Fit Pathway for success.  If you have questions or comments – as a student, parent or career professional wanting a change – let us know!  Fill out the form, give us a call, visit or Dubai office, or reach us through social media at your convenience.

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