Find you future @ Lifology

Lifology powers you with an AI-based customized career starter service. Crafted for students from Grade 8 – Grade 12, Lifology is an invaluable platform for getting a head start in their career tracks.

We offer:

  • Personality Analyzer
  • Intelligence Orientation Analyzer
  • Best Fit Career Finder
  • Career Coaching Service

Meet some of our All-Star Career Coaching Team

We have a massive and growing network of career coaches that work round the clock, around the world to bring the best of Lifology to students.


Lana brings to the table a stellar experience of 15+ years in mentoring and leadership to develop a team of highly trained and precision focused career coaches.


As the Head of Lifologist Career Coach Development, Deep is obsessed with developing an empathy-based, friendly career coach team that connect well with high school students


With over 12 years of experience in personal coaching and mentoring, Samia can bring out the best in students and help them navigate career pathways with ease.


Komal channels her wicked fun spirit into designing informative career content that is going to be the rage of text forwards among students.


With over 20 years of experience in matters of legal compliance, Shadi brings much needed iron clad discipline in the process of career coaching and helps steer the students onto the career tracks.

Meet the Founders

The founding team has combined experience of 20 years in Career Development, working with Governments, Large Organizations and NGOs. Having encountered the complex problem of “Right Person, Wrong Career” across the body of their work, the founders found the simple solution. The answer lies in the individual and not the organizations. Getting teens focused on their best-fit career track can avoid a lot of heartache at an individual, organizational as well as societal level later on. They made it their goal to instil a strong career orientation in teenagers and thus Lifology was born. We are on a mission to help teens find their calling and get them there as well!

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