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About us

China Campus Network (CCN) is a University Consortium jointly established by 27 of China’s leading Universities. We are committed to providing international students with the very best opportunities that China has to offer. Through on campus Chinese language and Academic Preparation programs leading to both Undergraduate or Post Graduate degrees, CCN offers fully comprehensive on campus Preparation programs that also include incredible scholarships as well as internships in some of China’s leading industries

We provide a full range of services to support you in both your learning and personal life.

Why China?

China has positioned itself to become the future of many different industries. Be it Artificial Intelligence, E-Commerce, Big Data Management or even the Internet of Things Engineering, China is ahead of the game and already preparing students for the careers and occupations of tomorrow. With full scholarships available to students at some of the top universities in these fields and many more, our students are best prepared to work in some of the top companies in these new fields of technology.

Why study Mandarin Chinese?

Mandarin Chinese Language is an integral part of your successful study and career journey in China. As the primary language of China, Mandarin is the formal language of business and study, so is spoken by more people in one country than any other language on earth!

Do I need to know any Chinese before starting my degree in China?

No. During your first year you’ll be taking a Chinese Language International Foundation Program (IFP) that will give you a complete introduction to Chinese Language as well as Academic preparation for your Undergraduate or Masters Degree in China.

Preparing GEMS Students for the Careers of Tomorrow

Now more than ever, it is important for every student to be thinking beyond just the university they might attend. As we enter a new era of Technological Advancement, the degree you choose to study needs to reflect this change. Technology is now a part of virtually every career path, and a degree from a good Chinese university will help you best understand how the future will look and can prepare you to enter.

Guaranteed Internship during your Bachelor Degree in China

All students coming through CCN are offered a unique internship opportunity of between 4 – 7 months during their Bachelor Degree, providing valuable experience in their chosen fields of interest.

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