A-List Education was founded in 2005 in New York City by a team of Ivy League graduates with extensive experience in SAT and ACT preparation. Our vision is to not only deliver outstanding results for our clients but also to use the tests as a platform for a student’s personal growth. A-List has grown to provide leading-edge education services to private clients all over the world and more than 800 secondary schools and nonprofit organisations, helping more than 80,000 students through our offices in Dubai, London, New York and Shanghai. Since the opening of our Dubai office in 2014, A-List Education Services has focused on expanding university access and improving readiness for international students. We know both the US and UK education systems inside out and understand what it takes for international students to succeed on US standardised tests.

A-List offers the very best online instruction for the US standardized tests. Our dynamic staff is highly trained and tailors each lesson plan to meet the individual student’s needs. We are committed to developing the whole student by preparing him or her for middle school, high school, college, and beyond. 

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A-List’s approach to test preparation consists of the following core components:

    • We are experts in online instruction delivery. A-List began to offer online sessions to students over a decade ago as a practical solution to a yearly problem – holiday travel and inclement weather. We quickly realized that online is more than a band-aid, it’s an incredibly powerful means of interacting with students and families from all over the world. We utilize the most advanced conferencing tools that allow us to record our sessions, share our computer screens and pass notes to students. So, no matter where you are, we can help!
    • We use proprietary content developed based on years of research and classroom experience.  Our textbooks, technology and additional materials not only emphasise test-taking techniques but also reinforce core skills, which empower students for academic success long after taking the test.
    • We offer real practice exams. Practice tests help students get comfortable with the format
      and timing of the exam, which, in turn, helps students learn how to pace themselves. Unlike
      many companies, we only use real tests written and previously administered by The College Board and The ACT. All of our students have access to free proctored full-length practice tests. Tests are scored using our sophisticated grading and analysis technology and students receive detailed progress reports after every exam. This approach allows educators to give targeted feedback to students and helps them strategically improve their scores.
    • We are committed to student success.  At A-List, we take tremendous pride in seeing our
      students succeed and last year our instructors helped students improve at more than three
      times the national average in the United States. In addition, our students routinely gain
      acceptance to their top choice universities (including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford and
      virtually all of the top 50 ranked institutions).

Learn More About A-List’s Services & Packages


On the ACT, a test scored out of 36 points, student scores improved by 5 points on average. Students in the top 25% percent improved their scores by 8 points.

On the SAT, an exam scored out of 1600 points, student scores improved 166 points on average. Students in the top 25% improved their scores by 293 points.

Student Testimonials

“My experience with A-List started in the summer with the ACT bootcamp. I loved my time with A-List. It was a fantastic experience that has really helped me prepare for college. A-List has boosted my score by 6 points on the ACT. My time with John has really helped my scores improve and has allowed me to apply to more competitive universities”

-Parents of Mark D

Jumeirah College + 5 ACT

“A-List provides for a fantastic platform for students of all levels. It creates a unique environment for students to push themselves to their limit intellectually and personally. A-List undeniably has one of the best programs on the market for the SAT and the ACT, respectively. The tutors are fantastic and are great communicators, providing for a fantastic experience”

–Alex H.

GEMS World Academy, +140 SAT points