Transition to University by University College Utrecht, Netherlands | June 18 at 3PM (GST)

Date:  June 18th

Time: 3:00PM – 4:00PM (GST)

The webinar focus is on transitioning to university, how to prepare and what to expect.

Meet the Presenters:

Kim Zwitserloot is responsible for the recruitment of international students at University College Utrecht, where she also works as a lecturer in economics, a tutor (academic advisor with pastoral care responsibilities) and is involved in the admissions process. She graduated from Maastricht University with a degree in international economics and has studied and worked in Mexico and Venezuela.


Mark Baldwin.  In 2011, Mark was appointed Student Life Officer at University College Utrecht. Responsibilities include oversight of student welfare strategy, personal counselling, managing the Futures Centre, supporting students’ non-academic initiatives on campus, encouraging self-reflection and goal setting, membership of the scholarship advisory committee, developing policies, crisis intervention, member of UU-wide Studentenwelzijn Taskforce, coordinating the University College Guidance Network, and various other projects.


Patrick Wijchers is one of the lecturers in biology at University College Utrecht as well as a tutor (academic advisor with pastoral care responsibilities). In the last few years he has been especially involved in the development of new activities and strategies to help students transition from high school to university.

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Jun 18 2020


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm



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