Prepare for Medical School (students age 14+) | UAE Aspiring Medics Conference on Mar 20

Grade 8-12 Students and Parents:

The road to medical school is long, and interested students need to begin enhancing their profiles long before applying to medical schools or pre-med studies in Grade 12.

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If you are considering future studies in medicine, this is the conference for you. More information and a link to register can be found here.

Participation in the conference is free-of-charge

All participants will receive a certificate of participation

Conference Features:

  • International, inspirational and thought-provoking speakers
  • Key insights into the daily lives of renowned doctors and surgeons and tips on how to become one
  • Motivational stories from those who have succeeded in the world of medicine

Beyond earning top marks and carefully considering secondary school course choices, students who may be interested in applying to medical studies should consider a variety of activities to enhance their medical school applications.

  • joining your school’s Medical Society
  • taking training in First Aid
  • taking MOOCs (massive open online courses) via Unifrog (or Coursera or EdX)
  • shadowing doctors
  • undertaking internships in medical facilities
  • doing independent research
  • making links between class topics and medical or health-related topics (in Business, Global Politics, Math, Biology, Chemistry, etc.)
  • regularly reading on medical and health-related topics of interest
  • engaging in test preparation for standardized tests such as UCAT/BMAT
  • prepping for MMIs
  • participatingin conferences
  • participatingin in-person or online training activities sponsored by medical schools
  • enrolling in educational/academic camps during school holidays

*TIP:  Track all your engagements starting the summer before Grade 9/Year 10, as these should be included in your CV, medical school application, medical school personal statement and also mentioned during an interview.

Additional Opportunities to Get Involved in the Conference:

UAE Aspire Med Conference is pleased to invite the submission of abstracts for poster presentation.

  • Submit an abstract (short, 250 words maximum, description of your project) before the 7th of March 2021 for a chance to be selected for oral presentation.
  • Whether you have done a research project, developed a local community initiative or set up a charity, these are all exciting initiatives worth sharing.
  • There will be a prize for the best entries as well as for the best presentations.

Become a student ambassador!

  • If you’re an enthusiastic and keen student ready to spread the word about this exciting conference, join our team of student ambassadors and represent your school and GEMS!
  • This is a nice opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills on your CV, and you’ll receive a certificate from Medefine in recognition of your efforts.
  • To become an ambassador, simply complete the form here:  Become an Ambassador.

For further inquiries, please contact GEMS Counselor: Ms. Malin Halladay Aladlouni at

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