DiDi Live Talks with Design Industry Experts Summer 2020

GEMS UniConnect Partner Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI) offers the region’s first integrated Bachelor of Design (BDes). Students map their own educational journey by exploring two concentrations from … Continue reading DiDi Live Talks with Design Industry Experts Summer 2020

CRIMSON Seminars July 2020

Crimson Education has been working behind the scenes to bring GEMS students exciting new initiatives. They support parents and school counselors as trusted MPTU partners to help students reach their … Continue reading CRIMSON Seminars July 2020



When students graduate from GEMS, they’re immediately thrown out into the big bad world, whether their paths lead them to university, employment, travel, a gap year or a combination of any of these. As they leave their former school behind, it’s easy for that connection we’ve fostered over the years to wane a little – unless we put a strategy in place that specifically caters to alumni.

UK | USA Elite Application Free Virtual Writing Workshops

A unique target engagement writing workshop that utilizes a powerful combination of advertising practices, language persuasive techniques and psychology tools.

In this intensive workshop Vimi will guide students to craft ambitious but achievable compelling university essays that generate a strong recall and make a qualitative difference to their application.

IDP Summer 2020 Live Webinars

IDP Connect is hosting an array of FREE webinars and workshops in summer 2020. Please only register for sessions that you plan on attending. IELTS – FUTURE DATES Thursday, July … Continue reading IDP Summer 2020 Live Webinars

Virtual Student Internship!

Unique internship opportunities for students 15+ years old! They will structure their job profile! The Collegey virtual internships are mainly based on research in the students’ areas of interest. Students … Continue reading Virtual Student Internship!

Home Fee Guarantee to British Students

To support prospective students during Covid-19 uncertainties, Heriot-Watt University has introduced home fee guarantee to British students based in the UAE. Home Fee Guarantee   If you are a British … Continue reading Home Fee Guarantee to British Students