Mission Statement

To generate a consortium of strategic, globally recognized partners who offer holistic, best-practice services for student guidance – from secondary to graduate school to career professionals – all to provide a combination of world-class tools needed for academic and career success – given any“Best Fit” Pathway.

Our Goals

Why Choose Us?

Our team of global partners provide comprehensive, holistic “Best Fit” Pathways for all students – from Grade 7 and Year 8 and beyond – to help define, plan and implement customized solutions for success to any post-secondary or career-based program.  Our world-class team specializes in opportunities for Foundation, University, internships, tutoring, test prep, and beyond.  Let us guide you and your family – using your passion – to determine your path to success during high school, for university or beyond.  Your passion is important to us, and we have traditional and non-traditional Pathways with local and global partners – to help you earn and define your success in life.  Contact us and start your journey today.

Meet our Team

Lena Borno

Senior Manager

Oversees the daily operations of MPTU. Fosters partnerships for the purposes of best-fit pathways and transition to post-secondary education and internship opportunities for both MPTU and GEMS UniConnect

Claire O'Neill


I am a passionate, positive and committed guidance professional with over 12 years experience working in the field of education, with a huge interest in enhancing the learning experience and career prospects of others.

Hfu Reisenhofer


With more than six years' experience developing and executing proactive communications strategies for large organisations with a high-profile, global presence, coupled with a decade's experience working in the media industry.

Our History

My Path To Uni (MPTU) was created in efforts to innovate and blur the the traditional linear support structure of college and career counselling found within K-12 education. Former members of the GEMS Education, GEMS X Innovation team, Christophe Savard – Former VP of Student Pathways and Kierstan Connors – Former Head of College & Career Counselling, worked together to pioneer a comprehensive marketplace of resources to help students beyond school hours to help them prepare for their future careers. 

There was a gap in schools and the market where students faced challenges finding all of the relevant support and expertise in one place. MPTU filled this gap, not with internal resources but by partnering with the best organisations and companies to provide expertise in all areas of support. In addition, MPTU was built with an “online-first” model in mind to make services convenient to students no matter where they are located. 

My Path To Uni, launched in 2019 and quickly grew serving over 1000 students within months of its launch and having partner support covering all major support areas to better help students within the UAE and beyond. 

MY Path To Uni Founders

Christophe Savard

Over a decade of global work experience in higher education in public and private sectors. Ability to manage between business, education and technology units and deliver on KPI's, projects, innovation and leadership.

Dr. Kierstan Connors

Over 30 years of global work experience with universities and career counselling. Ensure all students find their Best Fit Pathway using their holistic gifts and talents on a global scale.

What Our Students Say

As an Elite Admissions student in grade 12, I beyond pleased with my acceptances into several Ivy League universities – with scholarships! Thank you to MyPathToUni and the GEMS UniConnect Team with ScorePlus as I could not have competed the full year of applications to the US and UK without your support and guidance! My school counselor is beyond thrilled to have had this support, also, as your kind professionalism helped guide her through the support she needed to give me, your team, and my universities that I applied to. Thank you for my lifelong dream to study at an Ivy League school!
- Jamie, GEMS Student
I won a full scholarship to Cambridge Summer Programs for Film and Acting this year, thanks to the guidance of my team and counselors who showed me this opportunity and guided me through the intense application process! My family will be able to send me to this 2019 summer program in the UK as if I didn’t earn a scholarship we couldn’t afford it! Thanks for this award and opportunity, as now I am set on a path for my Uni admissions as a senior applicant for the fall – and we have a lot of work to do but a comprehensive plan already!
- Anoushka, GEMS Modern Academy Dubai
Thanks to the Oliv Team I have earned a full-time paid internship with a UAE Engineering firm to explore my desire for an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering in Canada. I had to attend a Foundation Program before my internship, and tutoring support from MyPathToUni over the summer, too. My parents are beyond happy to have this support – as I am now on track again with my A level courses to gain real-world career experience to help me determine where I go next for my undergraduate and career needs. Terrifc!
- Ahmed, GEMS Alumni at McGill
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