Wales Cancels 2021 A-Level and GCSE Exams

Do A-Level and GCSE Exams give a true reflection of the students’ “performance”? Although UK Department of Education feels that they are, some may argue that it is outdated and it is not a fair judgement.

Wales took the lead and cancelled GCSE and A-Level exams in 2021. Students will sit externally marked assessments over a wide period of time. In Northern Ireland, exams are pushed back a week and some GCSE modules are dropped due to loss of learning time. This is a massive consideration of the the fact that students’ learning is affected by Covid-19 impact. Not all students have equal access to online education, let alone the disruption of online, onsite, back to online learning. With all this disruption during lockdown, should the UK Deparment of Education reconsider the fairness of exams?

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