Summer Discovery College Prep – Explore a World of Possibilities!


We are excited to facilitate a 6-part, weekly series starting in November aimed at providing resources and short seminars for students looking to gain insight into the new landscape of college prep and developing their professional skills. Along with help from experts in education, some topics to explore include Building your Educational Portfolio and LinkedIn and Resume Building. Look for an email in the coming weeks about implementing the series in your school network!

How to Navigate a College Website 

November 2, 2020- 6PM (GST)

You have probably spent hours on the admissions pages of college websites trying to learn about the colleges of choice. What if we told you that some of the key places you should be gleaning information aren’t the admissions’ pages? What if we gave you an inside track to places you should look on university websites to get a holistic picture – a real picture – of what the university is all about? Learn where to look for the REAL information that will help answer your questions from someone who has built college websites. 

5 Myths of the College Application Process             

November 9, 2020- 6PM (GST)

As a partner with over 12 prestigious universities—The Summer Discovery Staff has over 100+ years of collective experience working with colleges, admissions officers, admissions organizations, SAT/ACT test prep companies, and other higher education associations. We have learned a lot over the years from these experts and look forward to sharing our knowledge with you as we debunk common misconceptions of the application process. 

Your Journey from High School to College to Career – How to Build your Educational Portfolio

November 16, 2020- 6PM (GST) 

Each stage of life comes with the challenges surrounding change and transition. As a high school student, you are at the forefront of many important decisions. This session is geared to help you learn ways to translate your hobbies, passions, and interests into a potential college major and prepare you for the leap to college. In addition, we will explore the resources and support systems you have currently and ones to look forward to at university that will help prepare you with the skills needed to build a successful career! 

LinkedIn and Resume Building 

November 30, 2020- 6PM (GST) 

You are a TikTok Guru and “Insta Famous,” but have you spent time developing your LinkedIn? This session will help you understand the importance of LinkedIn and Resume building before it’s too late! If you’re heading to university or thinking of entering the working world—understanding the key differences between the two and how to let them work to your advantage will lay the foundation for your future. 

Summer Discovery’s Interview Prep Tips 

December 7, 2020- 6PM (GST) 

Nervous about your first internship or college interview? If you want to be as prepared as possible, but you’re not sure where to begin—we’re here to help. This session will outline best practices for interviewing as well as helpful tips and tricks for challenging questions. Once you learn the skills, we will showcase peer examples and navigate them together! 

Networking and Making a Good Impression 

December 14, 2020- 6PM (GST) 

In a world run by social media, making a good impression is more important than ever. Although in a virtual world, we can sometimes hide behind our keyboards—we can’t lose the skillset that enables us to interact successfully with our peers, teachers, employers, and colleagues. In this session, you will learn the value of making professional connections and how to use your network to open the door to new opportunities.