Arizona State University provides an opportunity for lifelong learning with a low-cost alternative for students to earn college credit.

As part of Arizona State University’s commitment to supporting the success of the communities we serve, we are temporarily adjusting the price to receive academic credit for these courses from $400 to $99 per course and waiving the $25 verified fee on enrollment until August 17, 2020.

Arizona State University is offering digital certificate programs and exploratory options under the U.S. Early College Experience, where the courses have online projects and labs and do not require purchase of textbooks. High school students pay for their course only if they pass and would like to receive academic credit. The courses in these programs come with immediate Arizona State University credit that can be transferred to any U.S. university to jumpstart their progress in a college degree. Students have access to Arizona State University faculty in these courses and get prepared for the rigor of a college level course in a low risk model.
Students have an option to transcript for credit only if they receive a passing grade thereby avoiding financial risk. Incomplete or failing grades are not transcripted; thereby flipping the academic risk model. The ASU transcript that is received is exactly the same as received for the course as taught onground.
In addition, the U.S. Early College Experience at Arizona State University provides students holistic approaches to connect their studies to professional perspectives. Leveraging resources at the largest public university in America, the program allows students to develop professional networks and understand how their academic experiences can transfer to future career development.
More information on the digital certificates is available at with the course catalog for the U.S. Early College Experience available at