More than 500 parents & students supported in first 2 weeks ONLINE!

My Path To Uni was designed in 2 ways from the get go. First, in a way to provide on-site and in-person support to parents and students through a centralized hub found at GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Kail. Second, in an online and virtual resource that ANY parent and student can access from anywhere providing they have a smart device and connectivity to the internet.

A recent Webinar conducted by the Princeton Review from the USA to a UAE audience of families with more than 50 attendees.

Therefore, with the exception of accessing services in-person, nothing has changed with the support, resources and opportunities that you can find through MPTU’s many partners. In fact, you could now argue that there are MORE personalized and convenient opportunities for you to consider for University and Career pathway support.

MPTU has already conducted several webinars, and events through the use of the online meeting software Go To Meeting. This has allowed us to provide an easy to use and convenient way to gather groups of people in an online space. So far more than 500 parents and students have participated in the first 2 weeks of March 2020. Webinars on Summer programmes, internships, application support, test preparation and profession development for College and Career Counsellors are just a few to mention!

Please be sure to continuously check back to the site as we are constantly working with our partners to be able to provide you with ALL and ANY resources related to “your path to uni”. Some of our partners have already started.

IDP Connect Webinars

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The Princeton Review Webinars

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Other Events

Be sure to check out our upcoming events via our events page! Events more than 1 month away will remain as-is as we continue to monitor the situation and any experience that was supposed to be delivered online we will do our best to convert it to virtual!

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