5 Steps for University with COVID-19

Many Students and Parents are growing concerns for their University Enrollments for 2020. For fresh secondary school graduates who had their hearts set on that certain university in a specific city may be wondering what will happen if COVID-19 restrictions last longer.

It is safe to say that no one can predict the future nor can anyone control government regulations, travel restrictions, isolation periods and so on. We as a global community have been impacted by this pandemic and need to be informed and aware of what is in store for the foreseeable future.

Christophe Savard, Co-founder of My Path To Uni has come up with the following 5 Steps to follow considering your university pathways for September 2020.

5 Steps for University 2020

  1. Don’t Panic
    Most schools are trying to figure things out as much as you are and will need time to adjust and adapt. Just be sure to know that they will. We are all in the same boat so be informed and patient. They will contact you with next steps
  2. Stay Close to Home
    As the virus progresses some areas/regions are affected more than others and could be limited by travel restrictions, campus shut downs etc. Perhaps a “closer to home’ or alternate destination is a better solution. Consider UAE schools for instance that are already taking all the precautionary measures required
  3. Defer your Studies
    Universities generally allow you to defer your start date and this is a perfect example of where maybe it is best to “ride out the storm” and start when you know it is safe to do so.
  4. Consider Online
    There is almost no interruption to online course delivery especially those that have been well established and delivering content for some time. You can either start your degree program or consider taking more passion focused courses such as those offered via YellowBrick
  5. Do an Internship Online
    Paragon One can help you prepare for the future world of work online with their framework and guaranteed internships online. Why not get a head start into the way of the future.

Please be sure to continue checking back to the MPTU website to see constant updates, resources and information for students looking for answers for the University options in 2020.

Christophe Savard – VP Student Career and Future Employment, GEMS Education