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YES! Magazine – February 2020

How to raise climate-resilient kids, 3 movements for gender equity, and uncovering stories of slavery under water.  

February 21, 2020            
For 24 years, YES! has been telling the stories of people building a more just, sustainable, and compassionate world. Now, at the dawn of a new decisive decade, we’re stepping back and asking: what are the core values and guiding principles of systems change that, if widely adopted, could turn the tide? You’ll find our latest thinking in “The World We Want” issue.

With it, we aim to plant the seeds for a collective 10-year blueprint to inspire and guide us as we set out to build a new future, together. Christine Hanna,
executive director
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Uncovering Stories of Slavery Under Water

How to Raise Climate-Resilient Kids
TIM LYDON        

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Sleepovers in Slave Cabins Are Helping to Create Healing Conversations

What U.S. Farming Can Do to Stop Climate Change

New Programs Aim to Reduce Harm of the Opioid Crisis

Beyond #Metoo, 3 Movements Making a Difference for Gender Equity LORNET TURNBULL        

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