When students graduate from GEMS, they’re immediately thrown out into the big bad world, whether their paths lead them to university, employment, travel, a gap year or a combination of any of these. As they leave their former school behind, it’s easy for that connection we’ve fostered over the years to wane a little – unless we put a strategy in place that specifically caters to alumni.

Not only do alumni have the potential to be great representatives for GEMS, but they also go on to achieve amazing things – after all, they were educated by the best! That’s why keeping in contact with former students through various means is incredibly important to us. Alumni can tap into markets we may not foresee, as they begin to associate with different circles within their community. Via word of mouth or other social media and professional platforms, alumni are the perfect spokespeople and brand ambassadors for GEMS – once that relationship and connection is well maintained.

At GEMS we realise how a strong and positive relationship with alumni can benefit them socially, academically and professionally. Likewise, to the alumni community we understand that it’s not just mere nostalgia that they associate their alma-mater with, it’s much beyond that.


We know our alumni are out there doing amazing things, and we have a global network of alumni stretching across 80 countries. Keeping track of their successes and achievements is very important to us and in doing so will also help position GEMS schools as a destination for successful people in the future. Here are some of the ways in which GEMS Alumni intend to communicate with former students:

  • Through the GEMS Alumni App (launching soon) which will encourage connection and engagement between alumni
  • Via social media platforms for promotion of events and other opportunities
  • Regular communication via GEMS Magazines and newsletters

An effective alumni relationship begins with providing a successful experience to our students. The attachment that alumni have towards their alma-mater depends on the effort that GEMS takes to make their days memorable as students.

Afterall, GEMS Alumni are a reflection of the past, a representation of the present and an important link to our future success.