Stanford Talks to Ignite Your Curiosity

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never stop growing
Stretch your mind with this selection of Stanford talks about democracy, climate change, immunity, design, net neutrality and more. You’ll learn from Stanford faculty about building a better relationship with food, why cancer cells are coated in sugar and other topics covered during Reunion Homecoming 2019.  

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New knowledge for a new year  
Treat your brain to this curated collection of talks by Stanford faculty.   Artful Design, Ge Wang Rebuilding Our Relationship With Food, Maya Adam, ’04 Climate Change: Accelerating the Search for Solutions, Chris Field, PhD ’81
How do we go about understanding our world? Net neutrality helps us maintain a free and open internet, not to mention it is vital for the survival of democracy. In the realm of health and well-being, we can dive into natural immunity or the sugar coating on cancer cells, but the learning need not stop there—because the more knowledge we consume, the more our worldview grows.

These talks were recorded as part of Reunion Homecoming 2019.  
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