UniConnect USA Scholarships for Undergraduate Studies!

Did you see that the US University – the University of Cincinnati – has great scholarships for GEMS students still wanting to apply to a US university for Fall 2020 admission! Please see the courses / majors below and contact Mrs. Sarah directly at mackeysi@ucmail.uc.edu for the application and scholarship details (Counselors and Students welcome!). Good luck, and thanks to Mrs. Lena Borno and UniConnect for more scholarship opportunities – all year long!

Dear GEMS Community,

I’m happy to hear you have students who may be interested! To give you a little more information, currently this opportunity is available for all majors in our College of Arts & Sciences, College of Education, Human Services, and Criminal Justice, select majors in our College of Engineering & Applied Sciences (all except for Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Freshmen Engineering), and College of Business students will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

We look at several factors – including test scores, GPA, and your recommendation – when making our final determination. For all programs we are specifically looking for students with a 3.0 GPA or higher and a minimum of 1240 on the SAT or qualifying exam equivalent. Students do not necessarily have to take the SAT. They also have the option of taking a TOEFL/IELTS and our internal Math Placement Test to be reviewed for this opportunity. Transfer students are also considered, but we look mainly at GPA and the GPA requirements themselves are higher than first-time freshmen in order to receive this opportunity. Students must apply by March 1st.

We would love if you could share this information with any students who you feel would be a good fit. Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions, or if you would like to talk in more detail about specific students who may be interested.

Warm regards,

Mrs. Sarah Mackey

Assistant Director, International Recruitment & Outreach

UC International



Office: +1 513-556-4027 |

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University of Cincinnati UC International Admissions

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