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The cultural and educational trip to Spain over the winter break was quite amazing. This was my first trip with the college and I felt it was a good decision. I went to a lot of places like the Park Guell, hospital, Gerona and many more. I walked around the beautiful streets of Barcelona with my friends. The hospital visit made me enthusiastic to excel in my studies so that I can study and work abroad. The best thing in Barcelona for me was the view of the city from the cable car. The view of the seaport was lovely. Overall I found Barcelona beautiful and an attractive city. 

Madrid, on the other hand, was peaceful and calm with amazing weather. A type of weather I love. Great people around the city. The best thing in Madrid was El Retiro Park. I feel lucky to have gone there. The visit to Toledo was fascinating and I was amazed to see the beauty of nature. 

I hope to come across more foreign visits in the future. Trips like these will help me develop as it will lead me to make new friends, fall in love with nature and visiting hospitals will make me have high aims and aspirations in life. 

I am really grateful for this trip. 

Thanks and Regards 

Mirza Suleiman Baig, DMD

In my opinion, the trip to Spain with the students of Gulf Medical University was an amazing experience. I had the chance to meet and get to know all the people who were on the trip. We got to learn about the history of the places we visited and we learned about the culture. In addition, we had the opportunity to visit one of the hospitals in Spain where we got to see how they work with the latest technologies and the different departments of the medical field. 

At the end of the day, it was fun and educational. 

Hana Aref Noor, DMD

Hey, this is Momina Khawaja (2019M082).
The Spain trip was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the city tours, especially Pals and Toledo. I’d love to come back here again someday. The hospital tour was also very informative and eye-opening to all the possibilities I have as a future health professional. For our next trip, I’d love to go to Japan or Tanzania. Thank you!  

Momina Khawaja (2019M082) 

This experience was very great –it added a lot for me, I went to Toledo and many traditional places and I loved the culture, Toledo was my favorite city. When we went to the hospital I got to know the Spanish Hospital system, I thought I would apply here for the Training when I knew that there is a University Hospital related to the Hospital, I heard that Spain is the best place to have your master after the Dentistry degree.
Thank you for all the Team and especially to Ms. Burcu
Ghalya Alketbi 20190065 DMD  

It was the best trip in my life , it was my first time exploring an European country and it filled all my expectations.  Spain was   such a beautiful country . We were well taken care off by our staff. Out of all the places we went ,Barcelona would be my favourite destination ,the culture and festive was beautiful. The architecture was so mesmerizing. The people were so friendly and helpful.  I thank the university for  giving me such an opportunity to explore. Patiently waiting for the next trip. 

Arjun Prakash Adpcs 2015

I really had a lot of fun this week ..More than I imagined and I would love to join again for many more trips. Thank you for an amazing week! 

Adithya Prakash Adpcs 2015 

My names are Maryam Patrick John,  BpT 3nd year, with student registration number 2017pt36. Spain trip is one of the best trip I have experienced so far. We visited Barcelona, Toledo and Madrid. my best is Barcelona, in Barcelona we visited the hospital which is very interesting and beautiful, they are very nice people and they treat us very well. They have very good equipment, the room is nice too, the entrance is beautiful, they were really nice to us and they said we can come and do our internship there too.

Ms. Burcu is too nice, she is very accommodating and understanding, I can’t wait for our next trip together.

Thank you 

Best regards 

Maryam John, BPT

My name is Ahlam Alkhayat.  The trip was nice especially Barcelona city, although the hotel was a bit far from las Ramblas it was easy to reach. Our mates were friendly and it was nice meeting them through this trip. Madrid city is big,  overall the trip was enjoyable with Ms. Burcu and my mates.
Best regards   

Ahlam Al Khayat 2018bm34


Our trip was very nice and we had a lot of experience Specifically,  when we went to the hospital it was very good and we learned about the process if we want to register in Spain… 

We went to Madrid and Barcelona but I love more Barcelona because There are more places, people, dogs, places from the past… 

I will come to Spain again sure… And if there is more trip from GMU I will go…!! 

Gharam Ibrahim 2019m097

The trip to Spain was amazing! The places we visited and the site seeing was phenomenal. We explored many historical places and museums and landmarks that are so famous in Spain such as the Barcelona stadium. The hospital visit was also beneficial as it showed us how developed Spain was in healthcare and introduced us to future training opportunities. I will definitely be going on another university trip. 

Yara Talib, DMD

A beautiful lovely trip with its gorgeous cities, Madrid was an amazing city I had so much fun in it. The hospital in Barcelona was a beautiful opportunity for us students to have a wider choice of options for our future decisions. If I could come again I’d come to Madrid, to relive the pretty memories and eat the same delicious foods. 

Mirna Khan 2018d018 

I want to thank you for the wonderful tour in Spain. It was a spectacular vacation as well as a memorable one. Our stay in Barcelona and our visit to Girona was one of my favorites as the area is breathtaking just as all of the other destinations on this trip. Not to forget the wonderful visit to Madrid-Toledo that was astonishing.  

Cham Brek  DMD

The trip was an amazing experience with the entire group, enjoyed the Barcelona tour around the entire city and the visit to the hospital. Such a beautiful country with such passion for football which is what I love the most.  

Abdulla Salah 2018m062

The trip to Spain was amazing. We had fun exploring the city and interacting together. I would love to explore more countries with the university. 

Touka Bakr DMD

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