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  Happy New Year!
With it being the start of the 2020s and all, we figure resolutions are especially epic this year. So we put together a collection of stories that might help you in your efforts. Here’s to changing your perspective/training for that marathon/eating better/writing that book or whatever feat you’ve designed for yourself in the new year.
Summer Moore Batte, ’99
Editor of
8 Tips for Forgiving Someone Who Hurt You Forgiveness is the ability to regain peace when part of your life didn’t work out the way you wanted. Who doesn’t want that?
How to Limit Distraction
Author Nir Eyal discusses how people can control their device use and get a handle on their lives.
Grace for the Grasshopper
He fiddled away his summer.
Why should he share in their harvest?
Intestinal Fortitude
Insights into the microbial world within us are redrawing the roads to a healthy constitution.
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