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Your child's path to uni!

Year end is approaching quickly and there are so many opportunities before we celebrate a full calendar of events for 2020! Please be sure to view all of the unique offerings listed below, as there are opportunities for everyone - for all Best Fit Pathways. 

Our MPTU Hub is happy to welcome you during our selected hours of support where you can speak with dedicated, knowledgible experts on topics such as application support specific to country/region/programme, or Test Prep guidance, take a mock SAT test, or learn about IELTS testing!
Worried about what your kids might do over the holidays? Have them register for an internship either in person or through our remote partner Paragon One, where they can do a US-based internship from wherever they might be over the holidays, no visa or flight required!

Student Interns Required!

December 27, 28, 29th - 2019
OliOli® is looking for Student Interns to help with MESSfest, the messiest event of the year! This is where OliOli® opens a whole new play space where families are encouraged to get messy and have fun whilst learning and discovering together.
More Info
Remote US based Internships
Guaranteed Internship programs that help coach ambitious students to win and succeed in earning remote internships. Their team provide the support and training so you stand out (even as a high school student) at the world’s most innovative startups and companies.
Intern Now!

Application Support Workshop

Join our Team to learn about specific application support areas:
  • Canada & United States
  • United Kingdom & Ireland
  • Australia & New Zealand
December 4, 2019 @ 6pm
MPTU Hub @ GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail, Dubai
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Free SAT Mock Tests

FREE  SAT Mock Tests available to GEMS Students at the My Path to Uni Hub with November and December dates offered by our partner, Score-Plus & The Princeton Review.
If your child is planning on taking the SAT or other US-focused Exams, this is a great opportunity for them to prepare NOW!
MPTU Hub @ GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail, Dubai
November: 23 & 30 @10am
December: 14 & 21 @10am
More Information

IELTS Information Session

December 10, 2019 @ 6pm
MPTU Hub @ GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail, Dubai
Join IDP for a free information session about everything related to IELTS testing, with crucial information on:
  • Key dates & Timings
  • Preparation Steps
  • Test Types 
  • Admissions support
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Essay Support for Uni Applications

The #1 provider of admissions essay feedback

Prompt's CEO is hosting a FREE one-hour online Q&A (chat) session to help students and parents with admissions essays.

FREE one-hour
"ask me anything" session
20 Nov. 2019 @ 7pm
  • What colleges are looking for
  • Tips for common supplements
  • Topic selection
  • Compelling content
  • Common mistakes
  • Anything else related to college admissions essays
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HOST: Brad Schiller, Co-founder and CEO of Prompt, will lead the session. Brad is an experienced entrepreneur and MIT graduate. He has trained hundreds of college essay coaches who provide feedback on tens of thousands of college essays - every year. Brad has provided feedback on more than 3,000 essays himself, from US to UK support!
Study in China Workshops!
28 Universities with Endless Opportunities

1-year Chinese Language Pathway (IFP) + Bachelor Degree
with Full Scholarships Available
MPTU Hub @ GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail Dubai
Nov 27 @ 5:00pm
3 Workshops
  1. Future Technologies – "Preparing for the careers of tomorrow”
  2. Mandarin Chinese 101
    "An introduction to the language”
  3. Universities in China
    "A day in the life of a student”
Register Now
Study in Germany Workshop
MPTU Hub @ GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail Dubai
Nov 24 @ 6:30pm
Did you know you can Study in Germany for FREE?
If you are interested in learning about German Universities, Foundation Courses, scholarships and pathways to German educational opportunities, join Mrs. Annette at the MPTU Hub
Learn More
Emirates Aviation Winter Camp!
Deadline to Register: Nov. 30
Emirates Aviation University
This week long session will include theory and various practical engineering / aviation topics  such as Drone Systems and Flight Simulator. January 2020
Learn More
Full MPTU Event Calendar
We have 100's of events, workshops, webinars, seminars, important deadlines, contests, and other opportunities which are ALL posted on our centralized event calendar - easily filtered by category. Bookmark It!
Don't want to leave home? Check out these upcoming Webinars!
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Our Partners

MPTU is powered by our GEMS UniConnect partners to provide students with comprehensive college application support, career guidance, unique opportunities and services across all areas relating to university preparation for high school CV building. All with the aim of supporting your child's future academic and career success, and all with exclusive GEMS rates and, in some cases, at no cost.
We endeavour to share relevant and important information in our newsletters, but please always refer to our website directly for the most up-to-date information.

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