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Prepare your child's path now!

Passion. Is your child passionate about a subject you thought it would never be possible to study at university, let alone turn into a viable career path? Is your child looking for supplementary academic programmes (no matter the curriculum), Foundation Pathways, Advanced Placement Classes, or even Gap Year opportunities? Well, good news: My Path to Uni (MPTU) offers unique supplementary solutions, certificates and extra-curricular opportunities through its partners and team – read on for a comprehensive list of our offerings.

The MPTU Hub is also pleased to announce FREE on-site services provided by IDP Education, available to all GEMS students from any school in our network. Representatives are available to meet students and parents in person after-hours, supporting university applications to USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Whether you pre-book an appointment or simply walk in, you'll find us located on the second floor at GEMS Wellington Academy –  Al Khail in Dubai.
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Pathways for Everyone!

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Empowering Dreamers to Achieve Their Calling
In partnership with top universities and brands, Yellowbrick creates educational experiences that tap into interests and passions to spark success, fuel personal advancement, and open doors to fulfilling paths for all our students to achieve academic and career success.
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Young Employable Scholar Programme (YES)
PwC's Young Employable Scholar (YES) programme is a 36-month, one-of-its-kind corporate readiness programme. A unique mix of professional qualifications and professional experience, the programme will increase your employability quotient by furthering your educational background with ACCA and by enhancing your business acumen through a guaranteed one-year internship at PwC Assurance, and a range of behavioural, technical and employability skills training.
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Free After-Hours Support

FREE*  application support is now available for all GEMS Students on-site at the MPTU Hub. See our calendar schedule to book an appointment for your country-specific application experts:
  • Canada & United States
  • United Kingdom & Ireland
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • China & Malaysia
MPTU Hub @ GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail, Dubai
Sun-Thu: 14:00-16:00
Sat: 10:00-16:00
Location: CLICK HERE
*For 100's of client universities
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Free SAT Mock Tests

FREE  SAT Mock Tests available to GEMS Students at the My Path to Uni Hub over the months of November and December offered by our partner Score-Plus & The Princeton Review.
If your child is planning on taking the SAT this is a great opportunity for them to prepare!
MPTU Hub @ GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail, Dubai
November: 23 & 30 @10am
December: 14 & 21 @10am
Location: CLICK HERE
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Essay Support for Uni Applications

The #1 provider of admissions essay feedback

Prompt's CEO is hosting a FREE one-hour online Q&A (chat) session to help students and parents with admissions essays.

FREE one-hour "ask me anything"session
20 November 2019
7pm GST
  • What colleges are looking for
  • Tips for common supplements
  • Topic selection and compelling content
  • Common mistakes students make
  • Anything else related to college admissions essays
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HOST: Brad Schiller, Co-founder and CEO of Prompt, will lead the AMA session. Brad is an experienced entrepreneur and MIT graduate. He has trained hundreds of college essay coaches who have provided feedback on tens of thousands of college essays. Brad has provided feedback on more than 3,000 essays himself.
Save on Test Preparation
Comprehensive programmes for standardised testing, ranging from exam preparation and tutoring, to sitting for exams  all complete with custom support for IELTS, TOEFL, ACT, SAT I and II, AP Exams, PSAT, SSAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT and international medical exams, most Cambridge Admissions tests, country-specific admissions exams, and more!
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Student Career Assessments

Lifology powers you with an AI-based customised career starter service tied to your academic curriculum. Crafted for any student in Grades 7-12 / Years 8-13, Lifology is an invaluable platform for students wanting to map out their best-fit potential pathway for academic and career success in the future beyond high school, offering;
  • Personality Analyser
  • Intelligence Orientation Analyser
  • Best Fit Career Finder
  • Career Coaching Service
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Lifology is also looking for parents interested in becoming Lifologists! The next training dates are in January 2020. If you are interested, please email You can find more information on the International Lifologist Education and Advancement Programme (i-LEAP) by visiting
Study in China for FREE!
28 Universities with Endless Opportunities

1-year Chinese Language Pathway (IFP) + Bachelor Degree
MPTU Hub @ GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail Dubai
27 November 2019
3 Workshops
  1. Future Technologies – "Preparing for the careers of tomorrow”
  2. Mandarin Chinese 101 – "An introduction to the language”
  3. Universities in China – "A day in the life of a student”
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Full MPTU Event Calendar
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MPTU is powered by our GEMS UniConnect partners to provide students with comprehensive college application support, career guidance, unique opportunities and services across all areas relating to university preparation for high school CV building. All with the aim of supporting your child's future academic and career success, and all with exclusive GEMS rates and, in some cases, at no cost at all.

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