MPTU Newsletter October 8, 2019

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Thank you for the amazing response we have had from the community! To avoid bombarding you with emails, we will be limiting our newsletters to once every two weeks - but do check our website regularly for the most up-to-date information. And if you missed our last newsletter, click below.
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In this week's newsletter, we are focusing on Test Preparation. With application season upon us and the new school year underway, test preparation is extremely important - and whether it is for PSAT, IELTS, ACT or any other test, our partners have you covered. Our partnerships with The Princeton Review-ScorePlus, IDP and The College Board provide solutions that can help prepare your child for success in acing their tests.
Remember, MPTU is powered by our GEMS UniConnect partners to provide students with comprehensive college application support, career guidance, unique opportunities and services across all areas relating to university preparation for high school CV building. All with the aim of supporting your child's future academic and career success, and all with exclusive GEMS rates and, in some cases, even no cost at all.

September in Numbers!

University Fairs

ACE Your Tests!

Comprehensive programmes for standardised testing, from exam preparation and tutoring to sitting for exams, complete with custom support for IELTS, TOEFL, ACT, SAT I and II, AP Exams, PSAT, SSAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT and international medical exams, most Cambridge Admissions tests, country-specific admissions exams, and more!
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As a proud co-owner of IELTS, we can help you book and prepare for your IELTS test. Recognised by more than 10,000 organisations around the world, IELTS is the world’s leading English language test for study, work and migration purposes.
Get Started
Take the PSAT!
An unprecedented opportunity for international students studying in the UAE, thanks to the partnership between GEMS Education and The College Board. A limited number of UAE high school students in any curriculum may apply to sit for the PSAT Exam.
Register Now
AED 200 (incl. 5% VAT)
16 October 2019 at GEMS World Academy, Al Barsha South, Dubai

Upcoming Education Fairs

When: 11 & 12 Oct, 4-7.30pm 
Where: Crowne Plaza SZR
Abu Dhabi
When: 14 Oct, 4-7.30pm
Where: Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel

Seeking Interns!

  • Flexible Internship (min 2hrs)
  • Free Cap & T-Shirt
  • Diploma of Achievement
  • Up to AED 350 in MoE Vouchers*
*min 31 hours of internship commitment
During the 30x30 Dubia Fitness Challenge, besides hydrating participants, we aim to collect back all empty plastic bottles. For each recycle point, we are looking for two 'Gladiator' interns to ensure that everyone who passes by crushes returned bottles and disposes of them in the right place.
Intern Now!

Upcoming Deadlines

Open for GEMS Grade 11 / Year 12 students only.
Applications are open for the second GEMS-Gulf Medical University Cohort of the “Future Scientists of the UAE” programme, hosted at Gulf Medical University for 1-2 years with their Research Faculty.
Apply Now

Upcoming Events & Workshops

See over 100 upcoming dates!

Our List of Services

Application & Essay Support
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Tutoring & Academic Support
Professional tutoring and academic support for a multitude of K-12 subjects and curricula – to help students accelerate their learning, enhance weak subject performance, improve writing or language abilities.

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